Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Visit from the Oberlin Heritage Center

It's spring break here at Oberlin, but that doesn't mean we are taking a break from classes.  Our student population has just become a lot shorter in stature. 
On Monday afternoon, the Oberlin Heritage Center brought their Pony Express and Printing Press campers over for a visit in Special Collections and the Letterpress Studio.  The 8 to 12 years old joined us first in the Forsythe Classroom to look at ancient artifacts, both facsimile and real, that explained how communication developed over the millennia.

We then moved on to the Letterpress Studio, where each student had the opportunity to set his or her name by hand and everyone took turns pulling two prints from our Challenge Gordon press.  Campers also learned the values of patience, as printing your name with moveable type takes a whole lot longer than it does with a computer!

It looks like Oberlin has a new generation of printer's devils on our hands!

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