Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Other Features We Love

Some more features of the newly renovated Goodrich Room include additional flat files and a display area for our friends in the Archives.  The cabinets include a slanted work surface for large maps, with bright, task lighting overhead.

The new classroom now has an attractive plaque, honoring former Obie, Margaret Forsythe (Class of 1946).  We have Margaret and her family to thank for this amazing space, complete with its fancy gadgets.  The classroom has already been put to good use and we're only a month into the semester!

The temporary tables in the classroom have been replaced with ones that have adjustable bases.  Now they can be used at a standing, as well as a sitting, height.  This should prove especially helpful when a large class visits Special Collections or Archives.

 The drinking fountain was converted into a sink for hand-washing.  It is conveniently located next to the classroom, so students can access it without disturbing the other patrons who are working in the open reading area.

Patrons have reported that the new furniture and arrangement of the space is much more to their liking.  The new chairs have definitely been a comfortable upgrade!

 To control clutter, improve security, and prevent extra water and contamination from entering the Goodrich Room, lockers and a coat rack have been installed in the corridor outside of the reading space.  

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