Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Making Good Use of the Display Cases

Our new cases are showing off their first exhibit!
Nineteen manuscript leaves and several codices are on display from now until the Campus Crawl on September 22nd.

The current exhibit has been curated to aid an assignment given in Jen Bryan's Chaucer class. 

Included in this exhibit is our brand new... if 1450 can be considered 'new'...manuscript leaf from a German missal.  It was acquired with a grant from the Breslauer Foundation just this past summer.

Students also worked from our (HUGE) 15th Century Italian Antiphonal (Note how the book has its very own cart to wheel it around!) and a facsimile of the Ellesmere Chaucer.

Have we mentioned how much we love the seating in our new waiting area?
A student takes advantage of our comfy chairs while he catches up on some reading and waits to use the materials.

Remember to stop by and check out the exhibit.  It will be up until the 22nd!

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